Frequently Asked Questions

You can find out if there is an Alive n Kicking programme running in your area by clicking the Contacts tab. There is can contact the friendly team in your area. If we are currently not in your area then check your local council’s website for weight management advice and local programme alternatives.
Our Framework model enables clients to purchase the rights to deliver the ANK programme in your local area. This format works well in areas where a large scale procurement process is not required and/or you already have the staff to deliver the programme. Click the Framework link here to find out how you can get ANK in your area including much this will cost. Our Full Delivery model is commissioned via a large scale procurement process and results in the Weight Management Centre providing a full ANK programme within your locality. Click on the links to our age group programmes to find out more.
The S.T.O.P programme is ideal to help schools work towards meeting their ‘Healthy Schools’ status as well as providing a health promotion service to all children of primary school age. Please contact Weight Management Centre head office on these details to set up your programme today.
Everyone can incorporate physical activity into their daily lives (around the house, in the garden or in a local park) i.e. on the way to or from School, after School, before dinner, at weekends. Consider local activity groups that they could join or participate in.
YES, the ANK programme has a whole session focused on reading food labels and understanding what healthy foods are affordable on your personal budget. Healthy food can be affordable and requires shopping around for good deals on fruit and vegetables in supermarkets and markets as well as making use of canned, frozen, dried and juiced fruit and vegetables.