1 Day Childhood Obesity Prevention & Intervention Training

This course is provided by Weight Management Centre, a leading trainer and provider of childhood obesity services in the UK. This cutting edge course provides students with the knowledge necessary to begin to develop an understanding of the aetiology of obesity and and indepth assessment of the lifestyle factors driving it. It promotes sound nutrition principles and methods to increasing physical activity through a lifestyle approach. Students will also be equipped to assist in offering advice guidance to strategic staff and decision makers in the wider community on issues of policy, planning and the social and environmental causal factors behind childhood obesity. This course has recently been updated and includes the UK’s latest childhood obesity scientific review which means that students will be in receipt of the very latest evidenced information.

All people working with young people on healthy living or weight reduction initiatives, such as: community health providers, school and practice nurses, fitness professionals, teachers or those involved in planning, design or policy formulation in areas impacting children.

1 day attended tutorial (7 hours)

The Childhood Obesity Prevention & Intervention training investigates the issue of obesity in children, what causes it and how to help obese and overweight children lose weight. The course covers the following areas:

  • Aetiology (causes) of childhood obesity
  • Working with obese children and their families
  • Physical activity and overweight children
  • Nutrition and weight management
  • The psychology of the overweight family
  • How to make a difference

1 Tutorial day

Course manuals and workshops

Exclusive 2011 Scientific Review

Weight Management Certificate of Attendance

Continuous assessment throughout the workshop day

Minimum age 18