3 hour Childhood Obesity Raising the Issue of Weight

This workshop is provided by Weight Management Centre and is designed to assist health professionals and others working with children to raise the issue of weight with children, young people and parents that are overweight. This short workshop will provide sufficient information and competencies to allow the student to identify overweight (and obesity) by using the UK Standard Child Growth Charts. The student will be encouraged to master the skills to sensitively raise the issue of weight with the family in a none stigmatising or blaming way. Students will be provided with a framework to offer a brief therapuetic intervention which will involve supporting the family to begin to enable the child to move back towards a healthier weight.

All health, fitness or wellness professionals working with young people that would wish to offer brief intervention weight management support.

3 hour attended tutorial and workshop

The Childhood Obesity Brief Intervention Training – raising the issue of weight investigates the issue of obesity in children, what the family issues are and what may be the barriers to change. The course covers the following areas:

  • An overview of childhood obesity: determinants, identified risk factors, prevalence, social, health and economic consequence.
  • What to do and what to say when faced with a child/family that is having weight difficulties – How to raise the issue of an overweight child with the parents and the child.
  • Identification of overweight and obese children through UK Growth Charts and non clinical means.
  • Provides a succinct framework for intervention and pertinent advice that is relevant and practical for that family.
  • Offers ideas and methods for positive follow up with the family, as well as how to refer the family into other available related services.

Course materials and handouts

Weight Management Centre Certificate of attendance

Continuous assessment throughout the workshop day

Minimum age 18