ANK Framework

There is growing demand among NHS and Local Authority Public Health departments to use WMC’s training expertise and our effective childhood weight management programme Alive ’N Kicking. The framework is an excellent affordable model, which enables in-house teams to deliver our childhood weight management programmes and thus build internal capacity and expertise to deliver a fully NICE compliant efficacious programme across all childhood age ranges.


Age groups covered are 2 – 19 year olds and are divided into the following age categories which are operated as separate programmes

  • Mothers & Toddlers (2 -4 years)
  • Infants (4 – 6 years)
  • Juniors (7 – 11 years)
  • Seniors (12 – 15 years)
  • Young people (16 – 19 years)

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To discuss your requirements to purchase the ANK Framework,Please contact us

  • Programme Handbook
  • 1 x CD-ROM containing the full Alive ‘N’ Kicking Programme toolkit, referral documentation, assessment materials & selection of letter templates. These documents will be provided in Word format so that appropriate logos can be added.
  • 1 x printed set of Programme toolkit materials to run one 12 week programme for 20 families per age group This will include session plans for each week, worksheets & hand-outs (professionally printed) for families and other necessary documentation.
  • 1 x Interactive Props & Visuals set per age group
  • 1 x set of generic marketing materials (5000 flyers and 100 posters)
  • 1 x set of ANK merchandise per age group